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Living with an Irish host family, who will treat you as a member of their family, and attending a local Irish school as a guest student is a great way to learn about life in Ireland, while improving your language skills.




The programme

The Academic Immersion Programme offers placement in a state school and accommodation with local host families. As a guest student you will join a selection of classes at the local school as an observer and sit alongside local students. You will be staying with a local Irish host family.
Living and studying in Ireland for a period of time provides the opportunity to not only improve your English by talking to your host family and other people you meet, but also to immerse yourself in the Irish culture and school life. You can choose your programme length between 2 and 8 weeks. 


As a guest student, you will be placed in the year corresponding to your age and follow a selection of classes that are available when you arrive. You will follow the lessons as an observer. Some schools will be able to accommodate certain subject requests, but it does depend on availability.
All Irish students wear school uniform – and you will be expected to wear uniform as well, so you will blend in with local students. 

Host family

Your family in Ireland is looking forward to welcoming you. You will take part in the everyday life of your host family and have a great opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the English language and experience the Irish way of life.  Your family may host other students at the same time, which will give you a great opportunity to make international friends while making the most of your insight into the Irish culture. 

Local Support Coordinator

Throughout your stay you will have full local support from your Local Support Coordinator, who is available in case you need assistance. You will have regular contact from your Local Support Coordinator, and if you stay for a while, you will be invited to student gatherings and offered optional excursions.. 

Select your area

With InterStudies Area Choice you will be placed with a host family in the area of your choice (subject to availability). 

– Area choice

Included in the programme

– Accommodation with selected host family 
– Full board 
– Two airport transfers (programme start and programme end) 
– Arrangement of transport and accommodation
– Weekly contact from your Local Support Coordinator
– Offer of local gatherings and/or excursions with other students if staying for longer
– Emergency contact 24/7

Examples of what is not included

– Pocket money
– Lunch if purchased outside the host home
– Local transport (if needed)
– Personal expenses
– Other expenses, such as participating in extra activities at cost

Key features

– Live with a local host family
– Support from a Local Support Coordinator
– Immerse yourself in the English language
– Get firsthand experience of the British culture
– Meet other international students

Programme facts

OPEN TO: All nationalities 
PROGRAMME DURATIONS:  From 1 to 8 weeks*
PROGRAMME DATES: Available throughout the year
ENGLISH LEVEL: Intermediate
*If under 16 on arrival, maximum length of stay is 4 weeks 




The student experience

You will be given details of your placement with a school and host family before your arrival. Your host family will provide a letter and pictures, and you will receive their contact details. 

When you arrive, we will make sure that you are met at the airport and taken to your host family. You host family will ensure that you settle in well. You will be shown your room, which is likely to be shared. Your host family may also host other students, in which case you will met others in the same situation as you and have the opportunity to make international friends right from the start of your programme.

Your Local Support Coordinator will make contact soon after your arrival, and if you are staying with us for a while, you will have the opportunity to join local gatherings and excursions with other international students.

When it is time for you to return home, we will ensure that you are taken to the airport and ready to travel, hopefully with a suitcase full of fantastic memories of a great time in Ireland.
We look forward to welcoming you!

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